Meet your sponsors

You’ve heard about the killer keynotes, top-notch tutorials, and the amazing sessions – now learn what our exhibitors and sponsors are bringing to the table.

You can visit them, watch a demo, and collect your elePHPant/t-shirt stamps during exhibit hall hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Oracle MySQL

MySQL 8 is a big change with the ability to now have millions of tables within the database, NoSQL JSON Document support, resource groups for dedicated CPU processing, a faster temporary table, active master-master replication support, and more!






RIPS Technologies

Come to our booth and:

  • Talk to leading security experts – not sales guys
  • Learn more about state-of-the-art static code analysis
  • Get a live demo of RIPS and scan any code of your choice
  • Grab goodies that developers actually need

RIPS automates the manual and time-intense process of reviewing source code for security issues in order to protect critical web applications. Our software solution is delivered as a platform independent software installation or highly scalable cloud service. Its unique code analysis approach was built by security experts and awarded, amongst others, with the Internet Defense Prize by Facebook.

RIPS detects unknown and even complex security vulnerabilities in web applications that no other tool is able to find. At the same time, RIPS scans within only a few minutes and without false positive noise. For example, RIPS lately detected critical 0day vulnerabilities in Joomla!, WordPress, and Moodle. RIPS can be seamlessly integrated into your SDLC with an easy integration into your IDE, bug tracker, CI/CD tool, and Zend Server. This allows you to detect security bugs as early as possible and to automatically block vulnerable code before it is deployed on your production server. LEARN MORE



ChickTech is a multinational, multi-generational movement to increase the inclusion of women in the technology industry through programs that support girls and women throughout their education and careers. With our high school program, we broaden the tech pipeline by serving girls who don’t yet identify as technologists, with an emphasis on girls of color and girls who are eligible for free or reduced lunch. Our college chapter program provides community, internship opportunities, and mentorship to women in STEM majors. And our ACT-W conferences and Meetups around the country provide a space for women and supportive allies to connect, find jobs at our sponsoring companies, and learn new career and tech skills.

Visit our booth to learn how you can join the movement through volunteerism, sponsorship, and partnership!


FedEx Cross Border

FedEx Cross Border offers merchants and developers several e-commerce technologies that can help them access international markets. With multiple languages, currencies and payment options available, we help create a more consistent shopping experience for consumers. Shipments can be monitored through multiple shipping options at the order, box or item level.





Inside Analysis and DM Radio

Tune in, brush up, and sound off! DM Radio is the world’s longest-running show about data! Each week, host @eric_kavanagh interviews the brightest minds in the world of data. We help our audience understand how data works, why analytics now drives business, and where to go for better insights about how to run their business. Meanwhile, Inside Analysis is the first radio show specifically focused on the Information Economy. Each week, we interview business experts and technologists about the latest innovations in modern business. Want to be on a show? Send an email to!




Rogue Wave Software

Rogue Wave helps thousands of global enterprise customers tackle the hardest and most complex issues in building, connecting, and securing applications. Since 1989, our platforms, tools, components, and support have been used across financial services, technology, healthcare, government, entertainment, and manufacturing, to deliver value and reduce risk. From API management, PHP development and delivery tools, static code analysis, Java developer productivity tools, and enterprise open source support, we have the software essentials to innovate with confidence.


And a few more!