October 15-17, 2018 in Las Vegas
PHP & open source


Join us for ZendCon & OpenEnterprise 2018

What you’ll see – browse sessions by topic:

Software methodologies | Security & cryptography | PHP best practices | Open source on IBM i
Infrastructure strategies & implementation | Building & managing APIs


This is the premier PHP and open source conference for technical business leaders, strategists, and developers to share practical experiences and real case studies from the front lines of enterprise environments.

Keynote speakers

Cory Doctorow

Janice Levenhagen-Seeley

Michael “Monty” Widenius

Zeev Suraski

About the conference


If you’re a technical business leader, strategist, architect, or developer, ZendCon & OpenEnterprise has something for you. The focus this year is on applied PHP and open source for the enterprise, with topics ranging from frameworks and web stacks to serverless architectures and operationalizing business practices.

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ZendCon & OpenEnterprise - About


ZendCon & OpenEnterprise is the premier technology conference designed to teach and share practical experiences from the front lines of enterprise PHP and open source environments. Focused on solving real-world, enterprise-class problems, technical business leaders, strategists, and developers will assemble to discuss case studies and best practices around the application of PHP and open source to transform business.

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Beyond being a showcase of cool technologies and popular vendors, ZendCon & OpenEnterprise is a collaborative, community-driven classroom for enterprise leaders and practitioners. From thought leadership, opinions, and advice from Fortune 500 companies to live coding sessions in our hackerspace, there will be something for everyone to learn and to take home your next open source operational advantage.

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