IBM i development

30 PHP tips on IBM i in 60 minutes

Mike Pavlak

Inspired by longtime presenters at the Summit, this discussion looks at the most popular tweaks, hacks, and just plain good practices for the IBM i PHP community to enjoy. Sometimes you just need a shopping list of things to watch for and many of the tips that are scattered throughout these presentations are consolidated in a single place. Performance, security, best practices, and more will be discussed.

A real Zend Expressive application on the IBM i

Clark Everetts

You've heard about Zend Expressive, PSR-7, HTTP messages, and middleware. How about a real Zend Expressive application that starts with CRUD but goes just a bit beyond? How should models invoke RPG, DB2 queries, and SQL stored procedures? Where are "the controllers?" How do we handle issues like sessions, authentication, and access control with middleware? This is not the standard sample application; this one is for you, IBM i developers, with a 5250-based Order Entry/Lookup application to start from as a point of reference.

Application development for IBM i database server with PHP 7

Shlomo Vanunu

Advance your DB2 for IBM i best practices, and explore the enterprise ibm_db2 SQL extension for PHP 7 in this session.

The ibm_db2 extension provides all the required variety of PHP 7 functions for manipulating data in an IBM i database server.

  • Functions for connecting to a database, preparing and executing SQL statements, fetching and maintaining rows from result sets, calling stored procedures, handling errors, and retrieving metadata.
  • Operations such as, update/ insert/ delete and data definition language (DDL), referred to as a transaction.
  • Commit and rollback with ibm_db2, set up the DB2 for IBM i commitment control that will provide the way to process a group of database changes as a single unit of work.

Bringing modern PHP development to IBM i

James Titcumb

Zend Server for IBM i has done a great job at allowing enterprise PHP applications to run smoothly on the IBM i platform. But what about developing for the platform? Having recently been hired for a PHP project on IBM i, we wanted to ensure the project was using the best practices possible. This involved embarking on a whole new collaborative journey - uniting expert platform knowledge with bleeding-edge modern PHP development practices. We'll show you the process our team went through on the project to revolutionize the client's development process by introducing database abstraction, unit tests, functional tests, continuous integration, automated deployment, and more.

Debugging your web application on IBM i from A to Z (Apache to Zend)

Stephanie Rabbani

500 internal server error? Wait, now it's a 404 error. I think it's actually a syntax error. And now my program call isn't returning anything.

Attend this session to hear tips and tricks on how to debug your web application on IBM i, including:- Analyzing Apache logs and Apache server issues.

  • Debugging your program calls and Toolkit issues
  • Debugging db2 and library list issues
  • Using Z-Ray to analyze your code and Zend debugger to step through your code
  • Setting up your SSL certificate

How to compile open source on IBM i

Kevin Adler

Adding extensions to PHP open source can be easy when you have tools on your IBM i. This session will show you how to do the job.

  • Learning objectives:
  • Understand the latest tools available in the open source world
  • Understand the steps to compile open source solutions
  • Understand why embracing open source is important

Install MariaDB on IBM i - Tips, troubleshooting, and more

Rod Flohr

MariaDB is the new open source drop-in replacement for MySQL that has been adopted by IBM for use on Power Linux and IBM i. ZendDBi is the installer provided by Zend for installation of MariaDB on the IBM i. In this session we'll show how to use ZendDBi to install MariaDB and provide some important tips for post-installation. We'll also demonstrate troubleshooting some common installation issues. While most installations of MariaDB are trouble free, the troubleshooting procedures will give us a chance to understand a bit more about the operation of MariaDB on the IBM i. It'll also give us the opportunity to explore some concepts on IBM i that may not be familiar to some RPG programmers.

Middleware pattern is good for IBM i

Massimiliano Cavicchioli

This session will show why middleware is a very suitable pattern for IBM i, and will cover the pattern logic with real life examples using Zend Expressive.

By using a well-structured middleware pipeline, in an event driven approach, we'll show how to best manage the business logic residing in DB2 and RPG routines for common web application tasks. We'll also focus on introspecting the revamped IBM i toolkit, dissecting the code examples used to achieve our goals.

PHP installed on IBM i - the nickel tour

Rod Flohr

Everyone knows installing PHP on IBM i is easy. Just download the save file and run the RSTLICPGM command. But not everyone knows what that RSTLICPGM does. What is it putting on the machine? Where is it putting it? How does it all work together? In this session, we'll take a look at the IFS directories added by the Zend Server installer, to see what's in them. We'll see where PHP and PHP extensions, Apache and FastCGI configurations, log files, and more are kept. We'll also talk about how these new file objects interact with existing prerequisite software on the IBM i to present dynamic pages to the web. This session is for PHP developers and administrators interested in learning how PHP fits in with the unique operating environment of IBM i.

Strategic modernization with PHP

Alan Seiden

You know you need to modernize your IBM i applications but where to start? In this talk, Alan will inspire with creative examples of modernization on IBM i that provided a strong return on investment while controlling risk. Learn how to choose projects with the best return on investment and then complete them with confidence. We'll lead an honest discussion of the most effective strategies.

Can RPG programmers learn PHP? Yes. Can new PHP developers be integrated into an existing IT department? Yes. Both approaches have merit. See creative ways to use PHP, not only to create new GUI front-ends, but to "jazz up" existing interactive RPG programs. Please your users and business people by incorporating PHP into your shop.

Understanding shell environments on IBM i

Kevin Adler

QSH, qp2term, ssh ... There are shells all over IBM i, but what can you do with it all? This session will demonstrate many uses and interactions between many choices on IBM i.

  • Understand what shells are available on IBM i (and why)
  • Understand how to use the "right tool for the job" and use the shell (or shells) that's right for you

Who's doing what with PHP on IBM i

Mike Pavlak

This capstone presentation will highlight several customer case studies illustrating amazing feats performed by IBM i customers leveraging PHP. We'll get a sneak peek at the latest and greatest in IBM i specific announcements, as well as a collaborative session on the future of PHP on IBM i. This is a must-see session for the IBM i faithful.