Dev Ops and Continuous Delivery

10 things you didn't know you could do with Composer

Patrick Schwisow

Over the last four years Composer has changed the way PHP developers work. It figures out which versions of our required libraries work together and installs everything for us, but if that's all you've ever used Composer for, you're missing out. Come learn how and when to use validation, autoload overrides, and other features you've never heard of.

A continuous delivery pipeline from the future

Massimiliano Cavicchioli

The session will show how to put together a configuration-based continuous delivery (CD) pipeline, based on Jenkins and Docker.

The exemplified configurations and inherent artifacts will support any PHP application.

All the basic tasks of a PHP-based CD pipeline will be covered:

  • Version control
  • Unit testing
  • Static code analysis
  • Packaging
  • Automated provisioning

Containing chaos with Kubernetes

Terrence Ryan

Okay, you've made the move to containers and can now write Dockerfiles for everything. How do you manage all of those containers? Have you found that you traded managing individual machines for managing individual containers?

Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration engine, can be your answer. We'll explore Kubernetes and see how you can use it to run massive collections of containers that fix their own problems and allow you to move your setup wherever you need to be.

From Docker to production

Chris Tankersley

Congrats! You and your coworkers love Docker. Docker has become an increasingly helpful tool when it comes to DevOps. We can now build smaller, more robust local development setups with the promise of mirroring production. One thing that still plagues many situations is how to get those containers into production and update them over time. We'll explore different tools for setting up, configuring, and maintaining containers as they go live.

Jenkins for PHP projects

Stephan Hochdörfer

Jenkins is an incredibly flexible application. In this session, we'll show you how our Jenkins infrastructure is set up and how we use Jenkins on a daily basis. You'll learn about our favorite Jenkins plugins and how we use PHP tools like Composer, Phing, PHPUnit, and others in our Jenkins jobs. Last but not least, we'll give you some practical insights on how to use Jenkins and Satis to build your own internal Composer package repository.

Phing all the things!

Omni Adams

Phing is a build system that lets you do all sorts of neat things quickly and easily. If you find yourself manually running complicated processes or frequently having to look up command-line parameters for your tools, Phing can help make you more efficient. If your deployments have many error-prone steps or you find yourself dealing with fragile procedures, Phing can help keep your sanity.