October 21

Conference Day 3

The Joint Festival 1 Festival 2 Festival 3 Artist 5 Artist 3 Studio 1A Studio 1B
8:00AM-9:00AM Debugging effectively

Colin O'Dell
Z-Ray: A customizable development tool belt

Mathew Beane
Large-scale website performance optimization tricks. Airline case study

Georgiana Gligor
Database optimization for web developers

Steve Meyers
The Docker development template

Jan Burkl
Background processing, do's and don'ts

Chuck Reeves
Install MariaDB on IBM i - Tips, troubleshooting, and more

Rod Flohr
Simple plugin creation in WordPress

Peter MacIntyre
9:15AM-10:15AM Encryption, authentication, and data integrity in PHP 7

Enrico Zimuel
Rethink image manipulations with Glide

Jonathan Reinink
Best Practice Recommendations for Utilizing Open Source Software (from a Legal Perspective)

Dave McLoughlin
Test driven Laravel

Adam Wathan
The programmer's dilemma

Brandon Savage
Get to inbox zero for production issues

James Smith
Application development for IBM i database server with PHP 7

Shlomo Vanunu
Uncon: PHP-FIG 3.0: What's new, what's up, what's going on?

Larry Garfield
10:30AM-11:30AM Building rock solid software in the real world

Omni Adams
MySQL as a document store

Dave Stokes
Does your code measure up?

Adam Culp
Event sourcing: The good, the bad, and the complicated

Marco Pivetta
Building powerful and scalable micro applications with Zend Expressive

Matthew Setter
A continuous delivery pipeline from the future

Massimiliano Cavicchioli
How to compile open source on IBM i

Kevin Adler
Uncon: Building a solid cloud architecture for SMBs

Ahmed Dirie
11:45AM-1:00PM Keynote - Cal Evans