October 20

Conference Day 2

The Joint Festival 1 Festival 2 Festival 3 Artist 5 Artist 3 Studio 1A Studio 1B
9:00AM-10:00AM Keynote – Uncle Bob Martin
10:15AM-11:15AM Composing PHP applications with middleware

Josh Butts
Containing chaos with Kubernetes

Terrence Ryan
Jenkins for PHP projects

Stephan Hochdörfer
Branching strategies: Choose wisely to minimize costs

Georgiana Gligor
Hacking your way to better security

Colin O'Dell
Websockets and event-driven programming with ReactPHP

Steve Meyers
Directory authentication with LDAP

Andreas Heigl
Who's doing what with PHP on IBM i

Mike Pavlak
11:30AM-12:30PM Wrangling order from chaos: Practical approaches to OSS compliance

Dave McLoughlin
Use Zend components anywhere

Matthew Weier O'Phinney
My journey to the center of PHP

Sammy Kaye Powers
Aphorisms of API design

Larry Garfield
Taming the resource tiger

Elizabeth Smith
Symfony2 best practices from the trenches

Stefan Koopmanschap
Bringing modern PHP development to IBM i

James Titcumb
Uncon: Designing entity relationships in ORM with Tom Anderson

12:30PM-1:30PM Lunch
1:30PM-2:30PM Keynote - Bill Weinberg
2:45PM-3:45PM Laravel: How the sausage is made

Taylor Otwell
Powerful & flexible SQL generation — without the hassle

Matthew Setter
Job queues with Gearman

Michael Moussa
ELK: Ruminating on logs

Mathew Beane
Nom Nom: Consuming REST APIs

Tessa Mero

Patrick Schwisow
Agile team development with Zend Studio, Bugzilla, and MyLyn

Peter MacIntyre
Understanding shell environments on IBM i

Kevin Adler
4:00PM-5:00PM Curing the common loop (with collection pipelines)

Adam Wathan
Phing all the things!

Omni Adams
Modern PHP: Command buses, event handlers, and more!

Brandon Savage
Console Apps: php artisan forthe:win

Joe Ferguson
Extremely defensive PHP programming

Marco Pivetta
Enough about classes, let's talk templates

Jonathan Reinink
Zend Framework 2 and 3 for the IBM i

Stephanie Rabbani
MySQL replication update

Dave Stokes
5:15PM-6:15PM Exploiting the brain for fun and profit

Alena Holligan
Linux 101

Justin Reock
Modernize your app with Zend Expressive

Jan Burkl
TDD with phpspec

David Stockton
Building your API for longevity

Michael Stowe
Middleware pattern is good for IBM i

Massimiliano Cavicchioli
Time to know better your PHP applications

Gregory Chris
Uncon: Community Building

Adam Englander
11:00AM-8:00PM Exhibit Hall Open
6:15PM-8:00PM Exhibit Hall Reception
Panel discussion and dessert: Fad or fabulous...the future of frameworks and middleware in PHP.