October 19

Conference Day 1

The Joint Festival 1 Festival 2 Festival 3 Artist 5 Artist 3 Studio 1A Studio 1B
7:30AM-5:00PM Registration
8:30AM-10:00AM Keynote – Rod Cope and Andi Gutmans
10:15AM-11:15AM Create PHPantastic packages

Matthew Weier O'Phinney
Strategic modernization with PHP

Alan Seiden
Bringing old legacy Apps to PHP 7 and beyond

Sammy Kaye Powers
Magento 2 development best practices

Ben Marks
10 things you didn't know you could do with Composer

Patrick Schwisow
Hypermedia: Why you need it, and why you're doing it wrong

Michael Stowe
Building custom applications using Joomla! & Fabrik

Tessa Mero

11:30AM-12:30PM Building tools people love to use

Taylor Otwell
PCI compliance for Magento in the hipster age

Phillip Jackson
Drupal 8: The crash course

Larry Garfield
Integration and Asynchronous Processing with ActiveMQ and Camel

Justin Reock
30 PHP tips on IBM i in 60 minutes

Mike Pavlak
Be ready For ZF3

Gary Hockin
Bootstrapping WordPress

Andreas Heigl

12:30PM-1:30PM Lunch
1:30PM-2:30PM Keynote – Laura Thomson
2:45PM-3:45PM Asynchronous programming in PHP

Adam Englander
MySQL server performance tuning 101

Ligaya Turmelle
Web performance 2016: Myths and truths

Christian Wenz
Build your framework like Constructicons

Stefan Koopmanschap
Robust 2nd-factor authentication with PHP

Tim Lytle
How to use SELINUX (No, I don't mean turn it off)

Chuck Reeves
A real Zend Expressive application on the IBM i

Clark Everetts

4:00PM-5:00PM Practicing YAGNI

Jason McCreary
Conversational commerce and Magento: Breaking new ground with Facebook, Alexa, and Slack

Phillip Jackson
High availability PHP

Josh Butts
Let's make your PHP app even faster

Gregory Chris
Kicking off with Zend Expressive and Doctrine ORM

James Titcumb
Debugging your web application on IBM i from A to Z (Apache to Zend)

Stephanie Rabbani
Extend your database creativity with PHP 7

Shlomo Vanunu
WP REST API hacking

Jeroen van Dijk
5:15PM-6:15PM Refactoring legacy code

Adam Culp
Composer for corporate use

Stephan Hochdörfer
Build web APIs using Zend Expressive, the way to Apigility 2.0!

Enrico Zimuel
Introduction to graph databases with Neo4j

Michael Moussa
The art of transduction

David Stockton
From Docker to production

Chris Tankersley
PHP internal architecture

Elizabeth Smith
PHP installed on IBM i - the nickel tour

Rod Flohr
11:00AM-8:00PM Exhibit Hall Open
6:15PM-8:00PM Exhibit Hall Reception